Name: Magnus
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Den: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation, Shapeshifting (limited to mammallian species), Immunity to Curses/Thralls, Aura Sight, True Sight.
Notes: He's got a knitted red scarf that he's had for as long as he can remember. It used to be oversized for him, but now fits perfect. He has two large green feathers, one that sprouts from his head an the other that sprouts from his right shoulder. They're very fluffy and soft.

A Kapialu is a type of Apialu, or as those outside of the Wish Dimension may view them, a type of demon creature. They are not havoc causing creatures, and can come in a variety of different appearances with a slight change to the species name. In ancient times the Apialu were viewed as lesser creatures by their Raveen counterparts, but in truth they were of the same level of sentience. They simply chose to avoid conflicts, and as Raveens were inclined towards war, the Apialu kept themselves apart from them. 

Apialu are shapeshifters. They can look like anything they want to, provided it falls within the mammallian spectrum. Their forms are fluid, and not limited by their genetics. They used to hide in plain sight, which led to a period in the Wish Dimension where their species was believed to have become extinct. They hadn't. They'd just become so good at blending in that nobody was the wiser.

Their shapeshifting capabilities are limited in that no matter what they shift into, they will always retain their true colours. They can shift the colours around into different patterns, but can never change the colours or gain different ones.

Apialu are not known to take on permanent mates, and do not raise their own young. If the offspring is a pure Apialu it is given to a Den and raised by a Den-mother (usually a Sapialu). If the offspring is a non-Apialu, it's up to the other parent to raise it, or it's left on it's own. Most Apialu lack parental instinct, and view young as a risk to their own survival. 

They can take on permanent mates, but it's incredibly rare. They can breed with other species, while in that other species form, but aren't likely to stick with them. Any offspring born to an Apialu will take on the form the Apialu was in when the Mother became pregnant.