The area you've found yourself in is fairly thick forest, more fern than any other type of plant. With the canopy as low-lying as it is, fair amounts of sunlight break through to penetrate the ragged path underfoot. You can't help but have the nagging feeling of being watched.

From the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the yellow eyes watching, as if judging you. Once the eye's owners decide you harmless, from out of the trees emerges a tan form, wolf like in appearance, yet a lot larger than your average wolf. He has several adornments on his figure.

"Hello," he greets, a grin upon his wolfish face. "I am known as Aker, an Azama Spirit. Who might you be?"

He pays especially close attention as you introduce yourself, looking for any sign of a threat. "Very well. You are free to explore the lands, traveler."

As quickly as he had appeared, the Azama vanished. With a mental shrug you continue down the beaten path.


Birth Pack



Silent Eidolons


Nephthys, Meliae, Zhaojin



He has perfect nightvision, and a relatively more sharp sense of hearing than most others possess. It's harder to sneak up on him, because he can easily hear them before they get close enough. Like all Azama Spirits he is fully terrakinetic and envirokinetic, meaning he can alter/manipulate the earth/environment and create earth around him. He can give life back to plants, and even bring trees to life in the form of Ents when he so desires. When an Azama is wounded they can even pull the lifeforce from plants and use it to fully heal themselves, but it permanently destroys the plant/tree/etc they took the energies from.

He grew up in the wilds of the Azama Homeland, a place beyond the touches of Raveen territory. Secluded from the rest of the world, it's a peaceful area where the Spirits of nature and Azamas life in relative peace. He became curious after reacting adulthood of what the rest of the world out there was like; beyond the protections of the Azama Homeland. His paws carried him onto Orcle's Isle, and has now taken him to an out-realm.

At the moment he has no special traits tied to his inner Earth Spirit.


Aker is from Battleprides