Name: Laoch
Gender: Male
Parentage: Iyata x Draoithe
Birth Pack: Painted Eyes
Notes: Like his siblings, he wears bits of gold plate, mostly decorative but the plates are indestructible. He's got some of his Father's blue colouration, but wouldn't suffer through any of the suspicion his Father did. It's known that his bloodline is not cursed, and has no relation to the other bloodline that is known for having blue fur.

He has the power of True Sight and Aura Sight, and also has Perfect Nightvision.

Like all Azamas, he's able to fully manipulate the earth, and heal any wounds he receives by obsorbing the energies of nearby Earth Spirits. In turn he can also heal any plants, grow vines, and bring trees to life in the form of Ents when necessary.