Name: Liandrin
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pack: Wild
Path: None yet
Notes: A female Azama Spirit who inherited an unusual mutation that caused flower petals to grow from her fur. When she was a pup the petals were smaller, but as she grew up they grew as well. They grow in a curving arc up around her neck, and sprout from the ends of her tail. They never wilt or suffer harm.

She has perfect night vision, and the ability to see the Auras of others. This gives her the power to see the morality of those around her.

She has a small glass container that holds glowing blue water in it. This water is from a River Spirit, and has the ability to heal all internal wounds with just a single drop. If she's wounded, or someone she cares for is wounded, she can uncap the bottle and have them (or herself) swallow a small drop. It'll heal within seconds. She has to be careful with it, however, as she cannot gain more of this water once it's all used up. (The water will be useless to others. If it's not used by her, it's just regular water.)