Name: Meliae
Gender: Female
Parentage: Yhi x Aker
Birth Pack: Silent Eidolons
Siblings: Rynak
Mate: Karak
Pack: Ever Spirit
Offspring: Kaldi
Powers: Perfect Nightvision, Advanced Hearing, Terrakinesis, Envirokinetic, Spirit Sight, Levitation
Notes: Just a wee pup right now, her powers are just starting to develop. She has a thorny-vine wrapped around her right leg, which as long as it's in contact with her will never brown or dry up/die. She has the unusual ability to levitate her body off the ground; a power not normal in an Azama, and something she inherited from Yhi. She can only levitate a couple inches off the ground right now, since it's a hard power to control.


Having reached adulthood, Meliae now has better control over her terramancy, and a deeper connection to the world around her. Her ability to levitate has also improved, allowing her to do it with minimal concentration needed now.