Name: Nephthys
Gender: Female
Parentage: Liluri x Aker
Birth Pack: Silent Eidolons
Mate: Nayanze
Siblings: Zhaojin
Notes: She can completely control/alter the earth around herself to extreme degrees, summon ents, and in times of need heal herself through the aid of other Earth Spirits. At the moment her own inner Earth Spirit is not awakened.
Healer Class Slayer, Level 2

Quick Heals

Energy Restoration ~ Instantly revitalizes the energy levels of an nearby ally, but should be used with caution as casting this restoration on an individual too many times can cause them to suffer from a severe feedback of energy loss when the battle is over.

Wound Veil ~ Increases the power, tenfold, behind a target ally's next spell.

Immunity ~ Target ally is protected from harm during the next three spells it casts.

Stasis Meld ~ Surrounds any downed and/or severely wounded allies in a stasis field of white energies which protects them from further harm, and stops their current injuries from worsening. One should note than when a Stasis Meld is in effect, the ally cannot attack.

Painless ~ Negates the pain of severe wounds that a nearby ally has gained, allowing for them to be freed from the pain of existing wounds while a Healer is at work, or allowing for them to continue to fight without the throb of a distracting injury.

Poison Refusal ~ Removes the effects of poisons and toxins on nearby allies. Cure only lasts for up to four hours, and then symptoms of the poison/toxins will come back.

Vitality Magics

Orcle's Breath ~ Revitalizes all allies in the area, healing all wounds and negating the effects of disorientation or pain. Healing effects only last for as long as the Healer is still conscious and breathing. If the Healer falls unconscious or is killed, all allies who were healed will find their healed wounds reopening. It's advised that Healers do not use this magic in the throes of battle unless they know for sure they won't be the target of an attack.

Guardian's Revival ~ Resurrects one fallen ally, but only if physical contact is made with the fallen. Spell takes up to five minutes to revive the dead, and causes the Healer to sacrifice half of it's current energy levels. Wounds of the fallen will be healed, but they will only be revived with half their energy restored.