Name: Yurei
Gender: Male
Parentage: Corvidae x Mysoll
Birth Pack: Haunted Paths
Path: None yet
Mate: Sraosha
Pack: Lambent Onyx
Notes: Born in the Azama Homeland to a Pack that haunts the Spiritwoods - an area where Spirits go to die. It's a land that is littered with twisted trees that have lost their Tree Spirits, and waters that hold no currents. There's a solemn feel to the woods, like a goodbye with no one to hear it. Wildlife is sparse here, for the woods fail to attract and keep life, but wild Azamas have been known to wander the woods - to watch over it, keeping it sacred.

Those born in the Spiritwoods are marked by glowing, often twisted, branches that grow from their fur. They're also marked with the names of Spirits that have passed on before their birth, as if they've been Blessed by the Spirits final wishes.

Those of the Spiritwood are also bound, from birth, to a Spirit that takes on the form of a crow. The size and mannerisms of this Spirit is unique to each one, and they never leave the side of the one they are tied to. They act as sleepless watchers, and though not fully sentient they can share knowledge with their Azama through a shared mental-link. As a Spirit they are usually invisible to the eyes of those who cannot see Spirits, but they can choose to be visible to all if they so wish it.