Name: Bernai
Alignment: Sun
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Imperial: Wild
Notes: As a Sun Bameizu, she's always warm to the touch and her body is always running at a hot temperature. She can control fire and light, and is fully immune to the effects of each. As a female Bameizu the claws on her forelimbs are made of Spirit Essence, and can cause soul-damage to those she scratches with them. She usually has her claws sheathed, unless threatened, because the claws can damage her instruments if she's not careful. She has no wings, but when she has need of flight a pair of wings will grow from her back - they'll disappear when she has no need of them.

She carries quite a few pieces of adornments and items. One of these is a blade she keeps mostly hidden beneath a multicoloured fabric, where it's sheathed in a pocket on the inside of the fabric - but the hilt is visible at times. She has two instruments that she carries around with her always - and she is talented in the use of both of them. Where she got these instruments is a bit of a mystery, but it's likely she came across them while travelling through outrealms and took to keeping them.