Name: Bombora
Gender: Male
Parentage: None (Viral)
Birth Imperial: None (Viral)
Powers: Soul-Reading, Earthen Revival, Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity, Perfect Nightvision, Underwater Breathing, Stinging Touch, Immune to paralyzing agents.
Notes: Once a Viral, now a Bameizu. While he has the general appearance of a Bameizu it would be obvious to others he's at least not a pureblood Bameizu, as he lacks wings and his body is made of more whale-like hide. The fur on his tail and chest are always warm to the touch. He can sting others with just a touch, but it's a defensive power he can control - so when someone's in contact with him they'll only be stung if he's not paying attention or the touch is unwanted.