Name: Fennine
Alignment: Moon
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Imperial: Wild
Notes: As a Moon Bameizu she's always cold to the touch, and has a natural affinity for cold/ice. She can create and manipulate ice at will, and has some control over water. Like all pureblood Bameizu her wings are small when not in use, but can grow to be fully-flight capable when needed.

Her body is mostly draconic in nature. She doesn't have claws, instead having blunt talons. This is unusual as female Bameizu usually have Spirit Essence claws on their front paws, but she does not.

She has a sometimes visible rainbow Aura that visually shows her mood. It shifts with bright and dark hues, shifting with her emotions. When she's feeling down the colours will be dark and muted; when she's happy the colours will be bright and full.