The ragged path through the lonely mountains leads you to a windswept valley, torn by the ravages of time yet somehow inviting and welcoming. This path leads you down to a relatively clear area by the side of swift running water, the trees sparse. All the music and rhythm of the world suddenly fill your sense. Your ears are filled with the sounds of a drum beating, your mind filled with images of grand parties and the rhythm of dance. The intoxicating sound of drums grows ever louder and your step picks up with a skip, dancing in tune with the music.

A lone figure appears on the other side of the creek, carrying with him a drum, a large grin on his face. You had barely noticed him when he yells, "Havin' a good time?"

Entranced in your rhythms, you absently mindedly call out in response, "I am! I sure am!"

"Good to hear!" He says in response. Carefully, he skips across some large stones that jut out of the water, so as to not slip and be carried away by the current. "So, what bring you here, huh? Come to hear the music?"

You now actually notice him for the first time. Strangely he seems to be some sort of cross between a cat or a dog and a horse; his body is like that of a horse, yet he is the owner of paws. Noticably on his behind is an image one might expect to see on a carved pumpkin out for Halloween. The drum he carries appears to be very well-loved. He flicks his short mane and gives you a smile in welcoming. "Name's Jack, by the way. That's what people call me, at least. I'm a C'Bana. First and only one 'round these parts."

After telling him your name, you ask, "Aren't you lonely here, then?"

"I wander a lot, seeing new people, playing my music," he says happily, "As long as I have music, I don't think I'll ever be lonely."



Festive Rhythms





Fanelalaii x Mrwey'du'Simba

Jack is from Pega