Name: Artama
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pack: Wild
Pack: Fury Ravagers
Offspring: Yalya
Powers: Terrakinesis/Terramancy, Night Vision, Spirit Sight & Ability to Manipulate/Siphon Energies from nearby nature Spirits, Spirit Consume
Notes: Born in the Unclaimed Territories, she has never seen the land the Azamas call the Homeland, or any place that the Coraz Spirits claim as their own. Her birth pack was a wandering one, which never stayed in any one area long. While the lands were dangerous, it was nothing a Coraz could not handle. Threats were swiftly dealt with, and any disagreeable Spirits were devoured for their energies. Over time she had something happen to her which only happens to Coraz Spirits that actively devour Spirits - she gained the black-red marks around her eyes, and the red glow consumed her once blue eyes. It marks her as a reaper of Nature Spirits, one that can feast upon a Spirit and not grow sick or cursed from it. By eating a Nature Spirit she can heal any wounds she has completely, and temporarily gain it's power. (If she consumes a River Spirit, she gains the power to create/manipulate water, a Cloud Spirit would give her the power to create/manipulate air, etc). 

Azama Spirits view her kind as particularly vile, while other Coraz Spirits are apathetic towards the marks. It's just another way to express the rage of the Spirits, after all.