Name: Bamal
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pack: Wild
Pack: Fury Ravagers
Offspring: Yalya
Powers: Soul-reading, Spirit Rejuvenation ('devours' nearby Spirits to heal self), Earth Manipulation/Control, Spirit Sight (can see Earthen Spirits)
Notes: He has a mixture of a scar and marking slashing downward across his left eye. The scar was received in his young days as a Coraz pup, when he was just experimenting with his abilities to manipulate the earth around him. He managed to cause a landslide which upset some of the local wildlife enough that the survivors of the ordeal chased him out of the area. One was lucky enough to catch up, and swiped him across the face with its claws in a bid to blind him. This would have had a lasting affect, if he had not the power to consume Spirits to heal his body, so the damage to his eyes was repaired easily. The scar remained, and when he was older, he embellished it with dye on his fur.