Name: Dirdawan
Gender: Female
Parentage: None (Viral)
Birth Pack: None (Viral)
Powers: Soul-Reading, Earthen Revival, Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity, Perfect Nightvision, Terramancy, Teleportation at will.
Notes: Once a Viral, now a Coraz. Or at least, as far as appearances are concerned she's a Coraz Spirit. Only other Spirits would be able to tell otherwise, as she lacks the inner Earth Spirit that Coraz and Azama have. She'd feel "off" to them, like she was missing something, even if they couldn't put their paw on what exactly the feeling is telling them. Her colouration will also mark her as different as Coraz Spirits rarely have fantasy colouration in their fur, and a large majority of her fur is violet in hue.

She has hardened magical essence that hovers around her face, and extends around the end of her tail. These hardened areas act as a natural armour against magic, allowing for her to negate physical magics that are used against her by "storing" the magic used to create it. She cannot access this magic herself, so it is purely a defensive power.