Name: Tihar
Gender: Male
Parentage: Yalya x Terenias
Birth Pack: Savage Howl
Powers: Terrakinesis/Terramancy, Night Vision, Spirit Sight & Ability to Manipulate/Siphon Energies from nearby nature Spirits, Spirit Consume.
Notes: Though he's inherited the ability to consume Spirits, he's only got a minor mark above both eyes that tells he hasn't really made use of the ability. He wears bits of spiked armour on his shoulders that are made of earthen materials; so he can shift the shape and size of the armour at will, as well as affect the metals that make up the spikes (shifting them freely between rock and silver properties).

He's learned the skill to manipulate wildlife from his Father. He's got the ability to enhant non-sentient wildlife to act as he wills; allowing him to turn them into minions or body guards. It's an inherited power that even allows for him to manipulate the familiars of others, provided they're non-sentient, and make them his puppets for a time.