As you enter a glade, you can't help but notice the aroma of wild flowers. The tall trees are covered with climbing flowers in shades of indigo and violet, the ground covered with more creeping purple lillies. Despite the sun, you can't help but have a feeling of twilight from the deep colours of the flowers and the darkness of the ashen bark. Continuing back towards the forest, you notice a fluffy tail dangling above you - but too late. "Gotcha!"

The next thing you know you're on your face, something with sharp claws digging into your back. Hauling yourself up, it tumbles backwards, landing on the soft ground with an 'oof'. All thoughts of a scolding are gone when you turn to see the fluffy creature that is all too adorable. "Hehe, sorry! I can never resist. My name is Io - I'm a Griffling."

Name: Io
Gender: Female
Species: Griffling

Grifflings are from Edge of the Skies.