Name: Llefelys
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Eerie: Wild
Notes: Born and raised in the Cursial Dunes, he's lived most of his life in the company of other Krye. He's got a few minor cuts and scraps he's gotten through the years, mostly from sparring and only a couple from actual fights. Like all Krye he has eyes on the back of his wings, and they're black just like his primary eyes. He's wearing some wooden decorative pieces - earrings, tailrings, petrified pinecones.

He lacks any High Magic Spell-Marks, an unusual trait that isn't too uncommon in some bloodlines. It just means his bloodline wasn't as magically-infused as others, and he doesn't have High Magic sealed in his genes. This doesn't mark him as lesser, or "other". For Krye it's acceptable to not be marked by High Magic.

He can still control air currents and fly through the air quick-as-you-please. He's just got to rely more on his physical capabilities than magical ones.