Name: Walu
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Eerie: Wild
Notes: A pureblood Krye, she was born in the Cursial Dunes and lived there until she reached adulthood. Curious about the world outside the chaotic magic-rich lands of her birth, she first wandered into The Valleys - and from there, into Thunder Plateau and into an Outrealm.

She has a curious trait which caused some of her feathers and her forelimbs to become blue-tinted glass. While she has full movement in the limbs, they do appear fragile, and she sometimes worries over breaking them. She's very careful with her glass-feathers, and rarely uses her talons in battle. While nothing has caused even so much as a scratch on the glass, she still worries. (She doesn't realize the glass is as hardy as metal, and isn't likely to actually break from normal use.)

She has a High Magic mark on her shoulder that glows white-blue-black, and grants her the power to call forth storms. She can turn a sunny day into a terrifying storm in seconds.