Name: Ozumat
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Reef: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Hyrdomancy, Can breathe above/below water, Invisibility (must remain still, only works underwater), Paralyzing Stinging Touch, Poisonous Blood, Immune to Poison & Paralysis, Perfect Nightvision, Wards (Spell-marks).
Notes: Born to a Reef that lurked in the deep seas, he's pale in colouration and more used to  living in dark waters where predators were found in abundance. His bloodline evolved to have paralyzing touch, so most predators took to avoiding them unless they were too daring for their own good. Often times this resulted in a free meal for the Merkanlos, as their would-be attacker found themselves paralyzed and at their mercy. 

The stinging touch can be controlled, but when he's not familiar with someone he's not likely to make himself harmless.  He doesn't really have fins, but that doesn't mean he's slow in the waters. His birth Reef mostly stayed in their own territory, making use of the currents to travel when they had to. Though he's lived most of his live beneath the waters, he's not clueless to life above water and could survive there just as well.

His Spell-Marks grant him the ability to create Wards underwater, which can be used to cage enemies or create protective fields around allies. These Wards cannot be damaged, and only fall when he wishes them to.