Name: Kangrin
Gender: Female
Element: Sand
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation (sand), Infinite Telekinesis, Pyromancy, Immunity to Heat/Flame.
Notes: A Sand Demon, she was born and raised in the harshest desert climes. Sand Demons live in deserts, where the heat is so much that other creatures cannot survive alongside them. Often mistaken for mirages, Sand Demons live their lives mostly secluded from others. This doesn't mean they're disinterested in the company of others, it's mostly just that they often don't have reason to leave the deserts they call home. When they do travel away from their homes, it's usually only on their own.

She grew up in the hot sands of the Unclaimed Territories, where the more vile creatures of those territories aren't likely to roam. Her parents were knowledgeable of the world they lived in, and taught her how to fight from a young age. She's very gifted with physical prowess, and has the skills of a Battle Master under her belt. Those that aren't formally trained will find her to be a wrecking ball of a warrior; while others that are trained will find her to be a welcome sparring partner.

Like all Sand Demons she has thick rough feathers growing on her back that act as a natural armour along her spine. She has small licks of flame that hover and burn over the tips of her ears, and wings that shimmer like sand.

She has in her possession several scrolls that, when opened, can create Barriers. These Barriers can be used to keep attackers away from others (like a shield), or to trap attackers/enemies where they stand. She's the only one the scrolls will work for.