Name: Uuldre
Gender: Male
Element: Allseeing
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Orisha
Pride: Memories Sacred
Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing and Regeneration, Infinite Telekinesis, Phasing (can turn body corporeal/incorporeal at will), True Sight (can see through illusions/lies), Aura Sight (can see morality), Terramancy, Hydromancy, Cryomancy, Pyromancy, Shadowmancy, Aeromancy, Spell Seals. All-Seeing Eye. Wingless flight.
Notes: In the Demon Realm the All-seeing were a breed of Natural Demons that watched the going-ons in the realm, and reported to the Zyne on what they witnessed. With their ability to see through illusions and lies they were the ones who caught the corruption before it could spread, and helped the Zyne keep the realm pure of outside taint. All-seeing have the ability to "see" everything happening at any given moment, when they open their eyes they see infinity and all it encircles. It's a power that can drive others mad, but All-seeing are able to withstand the overload of information.

When the Demon Realm was broken into by the Shades, the All-seeing tried to help the Zyne close the rifts, and many of them died in the process. The Shades who had entered the Realm could See them as much as they could See them, and they were swiftly hunted down and killed - and the Shade Madness swept through the Realm unhindered. The All-seeing that survived were the young, the cubs who hadn't yet grown to maturity and opened their eyes to the world. They fled from the Demon Realm with the aid of the surviving Zyne, and were taught to hide from the Shades. To stay on the safe side of the Border, and never open their eyes when the Border wasn't secure.

All-seeing have eyes they keep hidden, usually with headwraps or eye-less masks. In his case, he has an oversized hat he keeps pulled over his eyes. Since uncovering his eyes means he Sees everything, he'll be unwilling to keep them open and revealed. He doesn't need his main eyes to see around him, anyway, as he has eyes on his shoulders that act to see the world in his immediate vicinity. They help him to focus on what's going on around him, and keep him grounded/focused on a limited space.

He has the power to create Spell Seals, and has access to Elemental Orbs which are liquid-like orbs that float around him at all times. When he wants to use a specific element-magic he creates a Spell Seal, and pushes one of the orbs to the center - it then gives him access to that element, for as long as he needs it to.