Name: Mihko
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Birth Tribe: Wild
Magics: Blood Arts (Mastery), Fire Arts (Mastery)
Mate: Kihzi
Tribe: Blood Shadow
Notes: As a Master of the Blood Arts, he is always able to sense the presence and power levels of anyone nearby who has blood pumping through their bodies. He can alter the properties of blood - his own and others - at will, and can use such a power to kill or heal. This magic was originally founded to heal the sick and injured, but the Blood Arts have now become a dangerous weapon instead. It's a rare power, only learned and practiced by the bloodlines that inherit it, or by those who are chosen by the Blood Oath to receive the gift. He inherited his power through birth, and has trained in its mastery since he was a cub. 

He can make use of his own blood to summon Blood Fiends into existence - dark creatures made from blood and shadow magic that are immune to the powers and magics of others. They can cause physical and spiritual harm, and are hard to detect. However summoning them requires his own blood, and he cannot substitute the blood of others. So he is limited in the size and quantity of the fiends he can summon.

Practitioners of the Blood Arts are more prone to corruption and falling to the darkness of their own hearts. It's easier to take power than it is to share it, and he's no bleeding heart for the welfare of lesser beings. The Shades are not a concern of his, and the superstition of other Numas towards the Blood Arts has kept him from growing close to his own species. If they cannot see the value in power, he sees no value in them. They're weak, and often, subjects for him to practice his blood magic on.

He is also a master of the Fire Arts.