Name: Akuura
Gender: Male
Element: Vampire
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Lirali
Pride: Ebon Shadow
Powers: Soul-reading, Shadow Teleportation (Can teleport to and from shadows), Hypnotic Voice, Thrall, Immune to Hypnotic Suggestion/Thralls of Others,  Shadow Magic. 
Notes: As a Vampire he requires the blood of other Raveen Kats in order to survive. Whenever he drinks the blood of another he also leaves behind a blood-mark Thrall that makes them susceptible to his will. The more often he feeds from an individual, the further under his control they become. His voice can also take on a hypnotic lilt to it, and those who are not immune to such manipulations will find his words impossible to resist. He has control over Shadow Magics - able to manipulate shadows to his will, calling shadows up to conceal himself, or turning them solid to create weapons at a moment's call.