Name: Altyerre
Gender: Female
Element: Blue Fire
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Rynduuk
Pride: Nature's Breath
Powers: Soul-reading, Telekinesis, Cryokinesis, Teleportation (disappears/reappears in a flash of blue flames), Cold Aura (area around her body is always cold), Immunity to all forms of Fire, Immunity to all forms of Ice, Immunity to Cold, Immunity to Heat. Dreams cannot be invaded by Dreamwalkers, and mind cannot be altered/manipulated by psychic abilities (including thralls, and hypnotic suggestions)
Notes: Born several Eclipses back, during a time when the Elemental Mutations that Whispers were born with were still stable. Her Elemental Mutation shows in the icy blue flames that sprout from her back and make up her tail. As a Blue Fire she is naturally attuned with the coldest of flame, and has a natural immunity to cold and ice. The flames upon her back and tail coat anything they touch in a layer of frosty ice, but unless she wants it to this touch will not cause any severe damage. If she does seek to cause damage, however, her touch can freeze a body solid in seconds. 

Her Eclipse year was taken to a world that cannot fully be described in words. It was a world where there were no limitations, where the world itself molded and changed with the influences of those present. Shifting terrain like a canvas in motion, the vegetation and wildlife left like paintings that could be changed at any moment. It was a world of pure creation, like a dream in the waking world, and there were no threats or dangers present there. The WoRs of her year grew up knowing peace, and the joys of being able to alter a world without limits. Here their IriKan were also able to manifest without the necessity for extreme emotion to summon them, and it was from their IriKan that they learned how to speak and control their own powers. 

When she was two years of age she was returned to the Ice Plains, the world she had originally been born into. A world with limitations and rules, where her IriKan could not always follow her around in a physical form. The stiffness, the non-changeability, of the world was startling to get used to. For having grown up never had known worlds existed with rules of physics and predetermined terrains, she was unused to it. It took a lot of time, but eventually she came to see it as a curious existence, something she wanted to learn more about, possibly to understand why it was this world was so confined to what it was -- or perhaps, to discover why that world her generation grew up in was so 'free'. 

IriKan Info
Element: Blue Fire
Manifestation: Takes on the form of a fish made of blue fire. It's features and size shift depending on the mood of its bonded, sometimes appearing harmless, other times appearing with ferocious teeth and a spiked body. As IriKan can only be summoned in times of great emotion upheaval (moments of great pain, despair, or rage) it will most often appear in a battle-ready form. An IriKan is always present in the mind of the WoR they live within.
Powers: Freezing Bite (anything the IriKan bites will be instantly frozen solid)