Name: Arcuus
Gender:  Male
Element: Black Magic
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing (non-mortal wounds only), Infinite Telekinesis, Perfect Night Vision, Teleportation, Light-speed Dash, Psychic Immunity, Spirit Bonds, Infinite Physical Strength.
Notes: Created on the Day of Demons, he was given a vessel of the Black Magic Element. He wears the adornments unique to Legends of Ice, the golden masks and other decor. He has no tail, and all his limbs from the shoulder/thighs down are made of Demon Aura in the form of bear-like limbs. Each limb ends in dangerously sharp and curved claws, and there seems to be an eye upon each paw. These eyes - including the one that hovers over the golden half-sun behind his head - are always seeing the world around him so he's more perceptive to his surroundings than a regular Raveen.

He has a cold, unforgiving, attitude towards others -- especially those who are weak. He sees himself as a General who is there to lead only those worth being led, and would likely not help others out in a time of need unless they were equals to himself.

The Demon Aura that shifts and spirals over his shoulders is capable of elongating into long threads which can wrap around targets and rip their souls from their bodies -- rendering them unable to fight as their bodies will no longer be under their control. He can keep their souls away from their bodies for as long as he so desires, but prolonged exposure to holding another's soul can cause his energies to be devoured by them, so he shouldn't hold their souls longer than a few hours.

He has infinite physical strength, which leaves him unmatched in his physical prowess. He can lift/move anything, no matter how much it may weigh. This strength also allows for him to cause major physical harm to others in battle; but it does not seem to make his own flesh invulnerable to harm -- he's just as vulnerable to harm as others are.

True Name: ---
Powers: World Disruption (collapses nearby environment), Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Terrakinesis, Infinite Strength, Elemental Immunity.
Notes: One demon who can exist in two separate forms. These forms, however, are usually connected unless he desires otherwise.