Name: Aruutak
Gender: Male
Element: Hope
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Prosperity Aura, Infinite Telekinesis, Healing/Calming Wing-Touch, Teleportation (vanishes and reforms in a flicker of warm light), Blessed Aura (nearby allies cannot take damage when near him), Renewing Hope (can restore the energy of others by touch).
Notes: As a Hope Kat, he naturally inspires hope in others. Even in their darkest moments, if he's near, it will always feel like there's a chance for things to improve. It makes it impossible for others to ever give up of themselves or others, and it's a lasting inspiration that lasts even when he's no longer near them. A lingering flame of hope that refuses to be put out.

His wings are made of glowing energy, and have the ability to fully heal others via touch. His wings cannot be damaged by any means, and will always shine brightly even in the most unnatural of darkness. His horns are made of the same energy as his wings, and can also heal with touch.

His mane shimmers with different colours; seeming to appear to reflect rainbow hues depending on the lighting in an area.

He's inherited a dwarf gene that causes him to be small in size, even though he's fully grown.