Name: Balai
Gender: Female
Element: Mirage
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Krausso x Tylanahi
Birth Pride: Hierophant's Voice
Mate: Voruuk
Offspring: Nyakalli
Notes: She can Mage-read, has infinite telekinetic prowess and if wounded she heals instantly (flesh-wounds only). As a Mirage Kat she has the natural ability to see through any and all illusions - a trait referred to as True Sight that makes it so illusions and falsehoods are visible as transparent events, instead of the solid form they may have for others. She's also able to cast full illusions upon herself, and the world around her. This has no real limits to it, as an illusion can be formed in any shape or scale the caster wishes it to be. For this reason there's a lot of Mirage Kats who use their illusion caster powers to keep outsiders from their territories, or even make it appear like they have a large army on their side when there's really only one or two Mirage Kats in the area.

She has some immunity to psychic intrusions; able to sense when someone or something is trying to trick her mind, and able to block her emotions from being sensed by others. Physically she has a trait that is extremely rare, a genetic mutation that has caused her fur to turn white, and some markings on her body that would have normally been white are instead inverted to black. Unlike other, more well-known bloodlines, she is part of a group of Mirage Kats that do not seem to follow the preset requirement of having only one God-symbol for a marking. The reason for this is not public knowledge, and if she were ever asked it's unlikely she would share the information or lore behind her culture.

She was born into a Tribe-like culture that flourished inside it's own native lands, cut-off from the rest of the world yet seemingly always aware of what was going on beyond their borders. The main leadership of this culture was the beginning Pride -- The Pride of the Hierophant. It was created by a group of Mirage Kats that came from mysterious origins, and brought with them others of similiar backgrounds. Since it's beginning it has grown into several large Prides sharing the name Hierophant (ie; Hierophant's Will, Hierophant's Voice, etc.), and generally following the same upbringing. Each Pride seems to have a different way of raising their young, and in the Hierophant's Voice knowledge is more important than physical prowess. It was also an important subject to never "Freely Give One's True Name". For this reason she might use a nickname of sorts, or keep her true name to herself.

It is perhaps because of this upbringing that this particular Raveeness has grown up with an interest in the world around her. An interest that has, in the past, driven her to take samples of oddities she's found and turn them into something useful. These objects are things she has with her always -- a set of glass-like materials she keeps upon her shoulders that can work to reveal Auras, Truths, Purity Sight (power to ward off eye-specific powers), and even allow for nightvision. Around her torso she's got capsules that carry; Korathu (Spirit) Essence, Kanox (Liquid Silver) Essence, Acids, and a blue smoke-like substance that seems to revive the unconscious. Within the two pouches on her other side she's got several silver trinkets - some just silver pieces she has dipped in Spirit Essence, and others being gems and other objects she's picked up along her travels.

Upon her neck she has a sheet of thin Spirit Essence, visible on both sides, that could potentially be used as a defensive item.. And her forepaw holds a claw weapon that is made of an earthen product that responds to thought; lengthening the claws when need be, or making them dull/sharp at will.