Name: Befana
Gender: Female
Element: Coal
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Pichiguu
Pride: Lost Letters
Powers: Soul-reading, Misfortune Aura, Flammable Body, Teleportation (body disintegrates into coal dust/reforms elsewhere).
Notes: Coal Kats are unlucky. It's not a superstition, but an unfortunate truth that they're born cursed. From the time they're cubs everything that can go wrong, tends to go wrong. Luck is never on their side, and even when it appears otherwise it always over-corrects with a dose of misfortune. This can show up with bad balance on the Coal Kat's part, or a series of unfortunate things happening to them.

The only blessing seems to be that their Misfortune Aura only affects them. Their bad luck isn't contagious, but if someone hangs around long enough they'd probably not want to chance it anyway. Especially since Coal Kats have a habit of randomly lighting on fire. Their bodies just catch fire, burning them and their immediate surroundings.

Though catching fire isn't painful, it's not fun either.

She carries with her a green Phoenix feather that she wears in an attempt to balance out her bad luck. In other Kats the feather would bring them good fortune -- for her the feather just keeps the worst of the bad luck at bay. She never goes anywhere without it, too worried that if she takes it off all the worst luck will catch up on her all at once.