Name: Bosuura
Gender: Male
Element: Tree
Dimension: Inner
Hive: Blue Hive
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride Wild
Hive Powers: Hive Mind - Telepathic link with all Blue Hive members; Immunity to climate (heat/cold) Immunity to mind control/thralls/manipulations/morality shifts; Shared Memories/Knowledge (Blue Hive + Reavia'et Hive memories, if they choose to study those as well); Hive Mind works to share pain/knowledge of injuries among the Hive Mind so that those linked with it are always aware of the conditions of other Hive members; Can communicate with and find members of the Hive at all times; Immunity to soul-ripping/instant-kill abilities/powers;Blue-symbiotic parasite is immune to harm (flesh is made of synthetic blue-energy); One-sided telepathic Link with Reavia'et Hive WoRs (can isolate their own minds/Hive from it)
Powers: Soul-Reading, Instant Healing (flesh-wounds only), Perfect Balance, Night vision, Terrakinesis, Teleportation (disappears/reforms as leaves), Bark Armour.
Notes: His colouring is unusual, but not a mutation - it just so happens that his green markings cover most of his body. As a Tree Kat he's naturally very skilled with climbing, especially when it comes to twisting tall trees and roots on the edges of cliffs. His balance never fails him, so he's not afraid to tackle obstacles others might avoid. He has the power to cover his body in armour made of bark - strong enough to protect him from most physical damage, but not strong enough to keep him protected from mystical attacks or weaponry.