Name: Cho Oyu
Gender: Female
Element: Glacier
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Suurama
Pride: The Uncharted
Powers: Soul-reading, Perfect Night Vision, Cryokinesis, Teleportation (body turns to ice and reforms elsewhere). Calming Aura & Charm Chime (sound instantly calms those around her), Infinite Spiritmancy.
Notes: Blessed by the Winds of Nascence, she was born Gifted with the magics of Life. A few short weeks after being born a Nameless One arrived to take her away for training, so that the magics she was born with wouldn't consume her or cause harm to others. Being a Gifted requires dedication and discipline, lest the magics run wild.

The Nameless One never revealed their name, and gathered all the Gifteds that were born under the same year's Winds. She took them to a remote location where she could train them without distraction, and taught them how to defend themselves and control their gifts. Gifteds contain raw magics of one individual magic, and are unrivaled masters with it. They're taught to use their gifts towards keeping the peace, and resolving conflicts.

All of the Gifteds trained by this Nameless One wear adornments of similiar theme, with each possessing a Charm Chime (which can only be used by a Gifted), and wraps around one leg where their element magic is visible, as well as that element being visible on their foreheads. These areas are "focus points", and are used to always keep the Gifted in constant control of their magic. She was taught how to fight physically, and her skills are on par with a current-day Battlemaster.

As a Glacier Kat she has thick fur that keeps her warm even in the coldest of climates, but also means she'd prefer to avoid overly warm areas as the heat can bother her. As the Gifted of Spirit she has the power to manipulate spiritual magics around her. This gives her the power to heal wounds on others no matter how severe they are (provided they're still alive when she gets to them), and she can paralyze the spirit in others to "freeze" their physical body temporarily. She can use the power of Spiritmancy to purify ailments of the soul, causing harm to both metaphysical corruption and physical corruption.