Name: Cuulain
Gender: Male
Element: Caster
Dimension: Wish
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Nuue
Pride: Wicked Hearts
Powers: Mage-reading, Terramancy, Pyromancy, Shadow Teleportation (can teleport to/from shadows), Hypnotic Voice, Orb of Power, Invisible to Aura/Morality Sight.
Notes: Caster Kats are antagonistic at the best of times, and outright hostile most other times. Those in the Wish Dimension have grown wise to their manipulations - but that's only forced Casters to look outside their home Dimension for their victims. Casters are one of the darker-inclined Elements of the Wish Dimension, and are proud of it. Those who look upon the Wish as a peaceful or pacifist Dimension are fools. Nothing is more deadly than a wish gone wrong, after all.

Caster Kats are always in possession of an Orb of Power, which they're given early in life and wear around their necks at all times. These Orbs are the source of a Caster Kat's primary ability - the power to temporarily give Ultimate Power to another, in exchange for gaining a copy of that other being's powers. What they do is lure in a target with the promise of power, greatness, and glory. They gift the individual with Ultimate Power (endless use of their abilities/powers), which lasts for 24hrs before the individual is rendered completely exhausted, they pass out, and when they wake up they have no memory of the Caster Kat or the deal made. The Caster Kat gains a copy of every power the individual has when those 24hrs are up; and is able to move on more powerful than they were before. They're collectors of skills, and take great pride in amassing as many powers in their arsenal as they can.

He cannot steal Slayer training, so Slayer Magics are off-limits, but he can steal all other powers. He's already done it many times before, and it's what has given him the abilities he has now. Previously he hunted for victims in the Valleys, but the peaceful nature of the areas were quick to make him lose interest. So many customers didn't have a wide range of powers to offer, so he's started to branch out to new areas in search of power.

His mane is made of flames that can only be put out by magic. They do not burn, but they do give off a bright flickering glow.