Name: Daicha
Gender: Female
Element: Mix (Heaven/Chaos)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Soul-reading, Aura Sight (can see morality of those she looks upon), Healing Touch (wings), Chaotic Evasion (disrupts the magic of others, causing them to lose control over their used abilities/powers), Instant Healing, Immune to Hypnosis and Thralls, Immune to Morality Alteration.
Notes: Born to a Heaven Mother and a Chaos Father, she learned from a very young age that Elements don't always dictate who you can fall in love with. And that sometimes, love isn't safe or a promise of a prefect future. When she was young her Mother killed her Father when it was discovered he had been tormenting, torturing, stalking, and killing others. He had kept it hidden from his family, but when he was caught in the act and confessed his crimes, he tried to dismiss it as being a "natural" way for him to be - that because he was a Chaos Kat, it was in his blood to cause harm to others.

Her Mother would have none of that. Seeing him as the monster he really was, she struck him down, because no one was above judgment for their wrongs. An Element wasn't an excuse, or a way to forgive sinister actions.

She'd been a pre-teen at the time. Young enough to recover from losing her Father, but old enough to understand why her Mother did what she did. It was a lesson she took to heart. It served to show her that those who do wrong do indeed deserve punishment for their crimes, and their Elements don't excuse behaviour. Just because you're a Hell Kat doesn't mean you have to go around raising hell in the lives of others; and being a Dream Kat doesn't exclude you from being dangerous.

If someone is causing harm to others, they're in the wrong. It doesn't matter what their Element or other social leanings say is okay for them. She'll take action against them, and expose them for what they are.

Monsters don't get to hide behind masks.