Name: Damhuun
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Mage/Chaos Mage)
Dimension: Inner
Eclipse: Memories
Parentage: Magdala x Xuubalba
Birth Pride: Hollow Way
Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing, Teleportation, Infinite Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Aura Sight, Electrokinesis (purple-black lightning that explodes upon contact), Disaster Aura (can 'inspire' chaos in the world/individuals), Empathic (can sense and alter emotions in others - limited to darker emotions), Immunity to Instant Kill powers/abilities, Immunity to psychic abilities/powers. Increased agility and ability to sense Demon-kin.
Notes: Born under the Eclipse, he is a Whisper of Rekura. His Elemental Mutation manifests in the chaos magics that spark, burn, and form around his tail and right leg. These magics are chaotic spell-marks that shift and rise of their own accord. The fire burns bright and deadly, burning and scarring any that touch it. Chaos energy lights up in flares of violet-light and white sigils, casting spells that range from harmless to unfortunate and are never under his control. The magic itself is chaotic and unrestrained, and he cannot control what it does. When he tries to use the power the outcome is not always in his favour - he can end up casting a healing spell on an enemy, or maiming himself with bladed winds. It's chaos, and chaos has no master.

When overcome with emotion - grief, anger, joy - the magic burns brighter and the void of black spreads further over his form. It can overtake his form completely, and the magic of his curse will temporarily consume him. In this state he has no control over anything, and the world around him will be warped and changed by the unleashed chaos. It's important that he maintain control over his emotions, and his IriKan has tried it's best to help him. They once lost control in the memory world and cause the magic-marks of that world to be infused with greater magic that frighteningly shifted the world to being alive for one single instant. The memories were no longer memory, he was in their world, in their time, he could alter it - be altered by it - he was lost - he was dangerous - they had seen - he was back. They were memory once again.

~We can't do that again,~ his IriKan had said, just as frightened and shaken as he. ~We'll become just like them if we do.~

Staying apart from the memories, from their emotions and lives, became important. He couldn't risk becoming attached to them and grieving over their loss.

IriKan Info
Manifestation: Keen-eyed Bat
Power: Deafening Shriek (deafens and dazes all in an area), Chaos Shield (creates a shield against harm, while causing great harm to those outside it), Flight.
Notes: IriKan are fully sentient but only able to telepathically communicate with their bonded WoRs. They cannot speak to others, even though they can understand what is being said to them. IriKan cannot be harmed except by other IriKan, Divine Beings, or a Godblade. They can channel their own abilities through their bonded, allowing the WoR access to what the IriKan can do.