Name: Eridanuus
Gender: Male
Element: Celestial
Dimension: Central
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Nova
Powers: Mage-reading, Perfect Night vision, Regeneration, Telekinesis, Starlight Teleportation (teleports in a plume of starlight), Immunity to Corruption (Mind, Body, Soul), Shadow Aura.
Notes: Born long after the Void's war against the Central Dimension, he's of an Element that came after Voodoo's fall from Godhood. Celestial Kats are always surrounded by shadow auras that ripple and rise like a mixture of smoke and water. These auras are harmless but prolonged exposure to them can cause metals to become starlight, and organic material to become golden stars. When wounded starlight will burst from the wound, and fade as it heals.