Name: Eyuuk
Gender: Male
Element: Mythos
Dimension: Outer
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Aura Sight, Summon Blue Energy Shield.
Notes: Born in the Outer Dimension, he grew up surrounded by others of his Element in the sometimes chaotic wilds of their territories. Mythos Kats are very shamanistic, and each of them is born with a spiritual guide that stays with them until they die. While almost-sentient, these guide cannot speak. They can cause physical damage but cannot sustain any damage to themselves. But any damage or pain that is caused to the Mythos they are bound to, will be reflected and experienced by the guide as well. 

His guide has taken on the form of a Trilak'u, a Demon found in the Soulstream, known for being nonhostile but always hovering near dangerous Demons.

A Mythos Kat is bound to the tradition of wandering the Twilight Fields upon reaching adulthood. It is a dangerous place, where magic runs wild and rifts of energy are common. The stars are always visible in this area, and Mythos Kats often wander this area to receive visions and guidance from the higher powers of the Outer Dimension. It is the place where the veil between the God Realm, Soulstream, and living world is most thin. 

In this place a Mythos Kat is also gifted with their shapeshifting form. It's usually an echo of a creature long-gone from the world, but whose power will help the Mythos.  His form is that of a Shadow Rage; a creature that has the appearance of an all-black six-legged canine, whose body is covered in rows of spikes and has a set of dangerously long and sharp claws on each paw. It was once a pack animal found all across the Outer Dimension, but was hunted to extinction by the Demons of the founding years because their claws were powerful conduits for magic. 

He can take this form at will, at any time, and like all Shadow Creatures, if he's seriously wounded in this form the body will explode in a deadly wave of shadow-magics. He'll resume his true form immediately, and will not carry any of the damage his shapeshifted form suffered.