Name: Fanakia
Gender: Female
Element: Wind
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mindspeech, Soul Siphon
Notes: Tortured and killed by a ebony Raveeness wearing four white masks that obscured her face, Fanakia fell into the path of a crazed monster. She suffered for hours under the female's crazed attention, where she was psychologically and physically tortured. The lines between reality and hallucination became blurred, and all Fanakia knew was fear and pain. At one point the back of her neck was torn open, and her spine was broken to paralyze her living body. She had to watch in horror as her attacker stripped fur and flesh off her right fore-leg, as feathers were torn and mangled from her wings, and as the majority of her back/sides were torn open. 

She eventually lost consciousness from the pain and bloodloss, and when she reawakened her body had been dumped in the Unclaimed Territories, left for the birds to feed on. She did not realize she was an Undead at first, thinking she had just been badly wounded and not killed.

As an Undead she has to eat the life energies of other Kats to survive. 

Wind's Calling: Can call forth a wave of wind which is powerful enough to pull ten trees out of the ground, root included, or send a target flying miles away. 
Falling Wind: Can cause the 'sky' the fall, pushing the target in to the ground and rendering them immobile. This ability can easily crush bones.

Mimic Name: Toko
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Ability: He can cover his entire body in flame, and burn anyone who comes into contact with him at that time that he desires.