Name: Gentuus
Gender: Male
Element: Malice
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Siblings: Alvida
Mate: Tanith
Pride: Iron Sand
Powers: Mage-reading, Immune to Pain, Endless Blood Supply, Shadow Teleportation, Linked-Sight (Mimic).
Notes: Like all Malice Kats, his wounds do not heal on their own, and continuously bleed. He's got spikes on his front legs, and wears quite a few red-wraps around his head due to a heavy injury he received there when he was a teen. He's got numerous cuts on his forehead and around his eyes, and the constant blood flowing from the wounds left him sightless. For years he wandered the world blind, with his sister a constant companion as they set out to steal and take what wasn't theirs to take. Then one day he came upon a Mimic that bonded itself to him, and ever since, he's been able to see through the eyes of the Mimic as if they were his own.

Name: Calgara
Type: Air-Evolved
Element: Treat
Gender: Male
Power: Can share it's sight with it's bonded (Gentuus), and can also cause temporary confusion to a target.