Name: Hantuu
Gender: Male
Element: Paranormal
Dimension: Mystic
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Zsofika
Pride: Major Arcana
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation, Morality Sense (Can always sense the intentions of others), Aura Sight, Dream Seer (Sees glimpses of events in his dreams), Paralyzing Claws.
Notes: His horns are made of energy, and upon touch, can either fully heal another (no matter the severity of an injury - he could even resurrect someone recently killed) or drain the energy/lifeforce from them so quickly they die from just one touch. While his wings are also made of energy, they are not completely corporeal, and any solid objects will seemingly pass right through them -- he can, however, fly safely as air currents cannot push through the energy. If another living creature comes into contact with his wings they will pass through them, and will suffer the side-effect of losing consciousness for up to two hours. His claws are made of violet energy, and anything he cuts with them will be instantly paralyzed.

He can naturally sense the presence of magic, so amulets and artifacts that hold power are visible to him with a glowing blue-aura that can act like a beacon. He is immune to all Abilities from every Dimension, but as abilities are not often used anymore this immunity is often unnoticed. He is immune to psychic tampering (including hypnotic suggestions), and his eyes are made of light so emotion is never visible within their depths.

He wears a rustic-gold clasp above his left paw which holds a red amulet that is currently not bound to any one power (it can, later on, have a power bound to it). Also connected to this are two charred silver blades which can flip forward to become usable weapons. The silver is always incredibly sharp, capable of cutting through just about anything. 

Tactics Class Slayer, Level 3

First Level Magics

Shra-ves - Spirit Flames engulf the target's Aura, burning away anything unnatural tied to the Aura, as well as creating a temporary defensive barrier around the target. When used against an enemy like a Shade Warrior, it can burn most of their physical form away. Careful when using this on an ally, as it will cause energy drain and also soul damage if they're of a corrupted or darkly influenced nature. (Destructive Magic)

Light's Out - Sets a layer of concealed magic down upon an area, which becomes activated the minute someone steps into the affected area. Causes those caught in the area of magic to instantly lose all use of their senses. Lasts for up to five minutes, but if more than one layer of magic is set in the same area of effect, it adds an additional five minutes. (Trap)

Insight - Allows for the Slayer to recognize, and predict, the next magic or attack to be used by the target. (Psionic)

Denial - Energy flares out and blocks the next magic, or power, activated by the target. (Counter-Curse)

Juvali-mnahi - Sends out a violent-hued wave of energy that causes the oxygen properties in the blood, of those touched by the energy, to turn volatile. Tearing the physical body apart moments later when the blood explodes in their veins. (Destructive Magics)

Rust - Corrodes the weaponry of targets, reducing metallic or earth-based weapons to rusted dust in the matter of seconds. (Weapon's Magic)

Further Prevention - Prevents those in the area from being able to target individuals under the effects of a Healer. If they try to, their energies will be rapidly drained. (Traps/Psionic)

Pawhold - Makes it impossible for the Slayer, and those within ten feet of the Slayer, to be knocked down or harmed by environmental magics.

Tactical Retreat - A wave of magic spreads outwards from the Slayer, causing all those touched by the energy to have their speed increased temporarily. Allows for a quick escape, or the increased speed of movements in battle, depending on how it's used.

Psionic Drains Specialist

Numbed - Paralyzes the target's mind. Effects last until the target next takes damage.

Vision Flux - Causes target to see in "double-vision". Reduces chances of target being able to land a hit.

Damaging Flare - Sends a flare of energies thundering into an opponent's psionic wave-pattern. Disables use of -kinetic powers.

Monologue - Ruptures the psionic waves of a target so badly that internal bleeding of the brain occurs.

Derision - Each passing moment causes the target to suffer mental feedback of all energies loose in an area. Disrupts concentration, cancelling out active magics the individual is using. Disorients over time.