Name: Inuuti
Gender: Female
Element: Curse
Dimension: Demon
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Mahou
Powers: Soul-reading, Infinite Telekinesis, Curse Immunity, Curse Wards, Immunity to Mind Manipulation, Curse Scroll Summon. 
Notes: She has a skull-mask which she carries with her always, although she doesn't always wear it to conceal her face. Born in the Unclaimed Territories, where those of the Demon Dimension still hold sway, she was brought up around others of like-mind than she was. Where those with a darker alignment were free to reign she was free to come into her own power without any sense of morality or true loyalty. It was not until later in life that she came to wander outside the Unclaimed Territories, to enter the Valleys and other areas, and explore what else the world had to offer. She never had interest in the battle against the Shades, as none of it concerned her when she was growing up. 

As a Curse Kat she has the natural ability to summon Curse Scrolls with her blood. One drop will summon a minor curse-scroll, which will unravel from the blood with a curse that she can cast upon another. Minor curses include curses that do not result in death or life-long agony, and cater more to misfortune. With more blood a higher level curse-scroll can be brought into being, and a curse that affects another for life can be cast (blindness, permanent loss of power, sickness, etc).  As she is a Curse Kat she herself is immune to any and all forms of curses, including curse scrolls that other Curse Kats may summon. 

It is impossible to curse a Curse Kat, so she is immune to even the trickster abilities of Idols, Imps and Casters.