Name: Kajura
Gender: Female
Element: Luck
Dimension: Wish
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation (disappears & reappears in a flash of gold glitter), Shimmering Aura, Good Luck.
Notes: Luck Kats hail from the Wish Dimension, and are a bit like the Inner Dimensional's Season Kats in that their appearance changes depending on the time of the year/day they're born. They're almost always of smaller stature, but there are some Luck Kats that have been born taller. Luck Kats are known as being divinely lucky in all things. Everything always aligns perfectly for them, no matter what, as if divine luck itself was always by their side. In a fight they'll never take a hit - always managing to dodge last second, or their attacker will miss even when they don't move. It's a trait of theirs that has caused others to be frustrated with their Element, knowing that if they ever go against a Luck in anything they'll never win.

Luck Kats have a Shimmering Aura that causes little bits of gold glitter to sometimes dust off them when they move, but also causes their Aura to always look gold-white (regardless of their morality, or intentions, at the time).

She's of the "rainbow luck" variety of her Element, which causes her to have rainbow-hued wings and trail, which glows with a rainbow-aura whenever she moves.