Name: Karakuum
Gender: Male
Element: Hallucination
Dimension: Central
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mage-Reading, Physical Damage Immunity (Body is always phased out of the corporeal realm), Aura Sight, Hypnotic Gaze, Immunity to instant kill abilities/power, immunity to psychic abilities/powers (memories/mind cannot be altered).
Notes: As a Hallucination Kat he cannot take physical damage, nor can he cause physical damage in others, as his body is always out of sync with the physical world. Should someone attempt to cause him bodily harm they'll find themselves phasing right through his body, and hitting nothing but air. He has the power to alter the thoughts of any who make contact with his eyes, and can even hypnotize them to think or do whatever he may wish.

The pieces of armour he has upon his form are made of a special kind of metal that allows for the armour/weapon-spikes to phase in and out of corporeal form just like his body does. Except, when he concentrates, these pieces of armour can be forced to remain corporeal -- temporarily allowing him the chance to cause harm to anyone who might be seeking to attack him. But it requires a great deal of effort, and the armour plates can only remain corporeal for less than a minute at a time.