Name: Khawla
Gender: Female
Element: Mummified
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Mind-speaking, Teleportation (form fades out like a desert illusion), Wrap-Regeneration.
Notes: Like most current day Halloween Elements, she grew up in the harsh terrains of the Unclaimed Territories. It's a place where those of darker element-inclinations can exist without rules governing them. Few ever leave these lands, often finding enough challenge surviving in the dangerous environments of their birth. Those who do leave are often looking for something not provided by their former home, be it a different kind of challenge, or something more sinister.

As a Mummified Kat, her flesh is not actually made of blood and muscle tissues. When she's injured or harm physically, the wounds close over with wraps that lay under the fur and are wrapped over a skeletal frame. The more injuries a Mummified takes, the more wraps become visible; and exposed bones are not unusual among their Element. These bandages, once visible, can be torn and will remain torn. A Mummified can heal themselves by concentration and forcing the wraps to lengthen and recover deeply wounded areas, but it is a painful process and cannot be done with distraction.

Like others of her Element she carries around Sacred Jars, which are usually filled with some sort of weapon or useful spell. The Jars she has on her forelimbs are filled with both. One has a disorienting dust that when inhaled can cause an enemy to have vivid hallucinations that can cause physical harm to them. The other contains a spell that binds a target, wrapping their physical form in energy chains that can only be broken by the caster.  

Combat Class Slayer, Level 3

First Level Magics

Speed Increase ~ The most basic of combat magics, but the most useful. Speed Increase causes the user's speed to increase to the point where they're moving as a blur instead of a solid object. While this magic is equipped the individual will find their own sense of sight somewhat blurred around the edges, so a lot of practice is needed to get use to the speed in which they can now move.

Reflex Dash ~ Unlike "Speed Increase", reflex dash does not alter the speed in which a Slayer can move. Rather it directly affects their reaction times, and gives them a sort of extra sensory ability to feel when a next attack may be coming for them. It allows them increased evasive capabilities, and by the time a Combat Class Slayer reaches the final level of the Combat Class they can generally use this enchantment to avoid most - if not all - physical blows.

Second Level Magics

Phantom Cut ~ One attack that Slayers, even years after learning it, are still awed by. It's a ferocious attack that causes one strike to be "mirrored" by a phantom illusion of the user. To a casual observer it looks as if the Slayer is attacking from all angles, the magics around the area mirroring the user's attacks perfectly. One deadly hit on one target causes the mirror of that hit to hit another target, and in the matter of seconds multiple enemies can be taken down.

Judgement Cut ~ A power-heavy concentration of power that can literally cause flesh and bone to break under strain if not used immediately. Judgement Cut causes reserve magics in the area to all focus in on one attack, allowing for one blow to literally destroy an opponent's defences and break them all apart, and then follow through with a direct hit of immense physical force. When combined with Weapon's magics Judgement Cut can be the final fatal blow, or the destructive of an opponent's defences. It's most useful against non-Shade Warriors, but if it must be used against them it can at least shattered any defences they have activated.

Silver Sage ~ Specifically oriented to be used against Shade Warriors. Silver Sage causes a silver-aura to taint the user's shadow. When an attack is followed-through the silver-aura follows up with a direct strike of purest silver in an explosive reaction of silver needles. With the right placement of the initial hit, Silver Sage can down a Shade Warrior permanently.

Ultimate Magics

Fatal Judgement ~ Single use. The next time the user lands a physical strike against an opponent, they will have the whole of their energies transferred to the Slayer, and their body will be reduced to breaking bones and crumbling ash as their life-force is shattered. Can only be used when the Combat Slayer is at the peak of their energy, and then not again for twelve hours.