Name: Kish
Gender: Female
Element: Rock
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Xenos
Pride: Stone Ladder
Powers: Terramancy (Amulet)
Notes: Born in the early days of the Dishonoured threat, she was around when the Inner Dimension was still mostly closed-off from the other Dimensions (due to their hesistancy to re-enter a Dimension which had waged war against so many of them). She was there when the Dishonoured started attacking Thunder Valley in droves, and when the Outer Dimension sent their Walkers to challenge the Inner Dimension's stability, and when the Demons first started to rise up.

She lived in an out-realm where she sought refuge from all the in-fighting, and eventually, she lost herself there for some time. That realm began to fade and became forgotten, and in the dying embers of it she found her way to a portal which took her back to the Ice Plains. It was there she found herself in Thunder Plateau, in a world greatly changed, that had moved on without her. Where her Element was apparently extinct in the wild (only existing among those who were time-jumpers like her), and the Dishonoured and other Dimensions were allies.

She was born under an Eclipse, and is a Child of the Orcle. CotO were born with a duality to their souls, since the day of the Eclipse is the one day Orcle has no power as a source, and back then the souls of CotO came from fallen Demon Dimensionals. When they reached adulthood this duality made itself known subconsciously and they fought an inner battle against themselves -- one which she lost, and she was given the title Semi-Demon for it.

While the title would remain with her forever, it did not prompt any change in personality or morality. She remained the same as she had always been, and the title only mattered to those Kats who put too much stock in it.

Her Elemental Mutation comes in the form of sharp rock growths just behind her shoulders. These rocks are unbreakable, and incredibly sharp at the point.

The Amulet she wears around her neck was one of the things CotO received upon reaching adulthood. A sign of passage, it was given to them by Orcle herself. The one she has gives her the power of terramancy (the ability to shift/manipulate the earth around her).