Name: Makalu
Gender: Female
Element: Mix (Prosperity/Bloom)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Minrathuus
Pride: Transcendental Synergy
Powers: Mage-reading, Prosperity Aura, Calming Aura, Teleportation At Will (disappears/reforms as golden petals), Terramancy, Healing (Energy used from wings).
Notes: Born under an Eclipse that saw her Eclipse year-mates taken to a world void of colour. Everything was stone white, from the trees to the sand, and even the sky. The only wash of colour came with the WoRs themselves, as they became the only markedly different things in a world awash with white. Even the structures in this world - spiralling white marble and carved stone statues - were colourless.

The world, whatever it had been called, was once inhabited by very skilled architects. The only hints that some of them may have been Raveen in nature were the statues that adorned the shores of the beaches, reaching out to the colourless waves that crashed gently upon the sand. There were many shrines in this land, most of them having stars and planetary symbols carved throughout them. Whoever thrived here previously had held the stars and planets in high regard.

The largest of all the shrines - a temple, really - even held a planetary portal but it had been long been destroyed by marks of war. Curiously, it was the structure that held the most damage, as if the war that had swept through this world had begun and ended in this one place.

The world was empty of survivors. Only feral prey animals were left on the world, and they were incapable of sharing the history of this world.

When their Eclipse-group had newly reached adulthood one of their number discovered a chilling sight - a tear in the planet's surface, a deep void of darkness, that carried voices within it. Before they could investigate it they were sent back to the Ice Plains, to the life they would've had if they hadn't been taken by the Eclipse. The world they grew up in only left to linger in their memories, as there was no way to return.

She has been back to the Ice Plains for many years now, and seen many Eclipses in her time. She hears of all the new Whispers, and sometimes wonders if any of the new generations will see that world that she once knew. She's long accepted that she herself can never go back, but the questions of that world linger still.

Her Elemental Mutation comes in the form of the blooms that float above her back and tail, and the glowing wings that extend out beyond them. The flowers have a glowing center that give off a Purity Aura - cleansing anything evil/vile that looks upon the light for too long. The flowers are invulnerable to harm, and the Pure Wings that flow from them are intangible.

As a half-Prosperity she has inherited the Prosperity Aura trait that makes it impossible for her to be corrupted or tainted by evil. She also has a Calming Aura which makes it impossible for others to wish her harm (When they're near her they're incapable of wanting to cause her harm, so no one will ever want to harm her).

Though it would be very unusual for her to be harmed, sometimes accidents happen or she can be harmed inadvertently. She can heal herself with the healing energies from her wings, so any damage she does receive will be quickly healed.

As a Whisper of Rekura she was born with a IriKan. When she's experiencing extreme levels of emotions (sadness, rage) she can cause her IriKan to appear in the corporeal world. Her IriKan has a type of sentience to it that allows for emotions to be shared between them, but they cannot actually "speak" to one another.

She has a star, spheres, and curved lines that float above her forehead/muzzle area. They seem to be decorative in purpose.

Her colouration is a mesh of her birth Elements, as she's neither the colour of a Prosperity (too pale) or a Bloom (too red).

IriKan Info
Designation: Pure
Type: Spiritual
Personification: Appears in the form of a glowing white orb surrounded by six golden leafs
Powers: Mass Healing (heals all friendly entities in an area), Terramancy, and Balance's End (temporarily knocks all threats in an area unconscious).