Name: Medera
Gender: Female
Element: Void
Dimension: Void
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Achernar
Pride: Resonant Voltage
Powers: Mage-Reading, Void Aura, Instant Healing and Regeneration, Infinite Telekinesis, Teleportation, Void Claws, Void Collapse. Immune to instant-kill abilities/powers.
Notes: As a Void Kat she has no need to eat, drink, or even breathe. She can exist without the necessities of life that others depend so much upon, and it's a trait that lets her Element survive and thrive. She has an aura that causes surrounding incorporeal energies to shift into nothingness when they come into contact with her Aura. Spirits and ghosts are affected by this, as are individuals who can shift from the corporeal world using powers and abilities.

When greatly angered, or feeling immense anguish, a Void Kat can cause the world around them to collapse into nothingness. In general, it cannot be controlled, as it is the heart of the Void taking root in the areas where a Void Kat has such cruel emotions take hold. Void Kats tend to be perceived as infectious, as they carry the essence of the Void with them wherever they go.

She is very gifted when it comes to creating chemical mixtures, and magic-infusions. Since a young age she's always been interested in the art of alchemy, and relied on experiments to self-teach herself how to best make use of the magics around her. Her gift caught the eye of the Judicators, who came and recruited her when she was a young adult. Her Void Aura forced her to only be able to work in closed-off sections of the Teczra District, where she couldn't accidentally vanish the experiments of others. This meant she had an entire lab to herself - and no one to keep an eye on what she was doing. It was perfect. Her own lab, without rules, without limits.

Sometimes she'd be interrupted by Uurn, a Punished Kat, and Lya, a Sand Kat, whom would bring items to her lab. They weren't too fond of her, often muttering about how a Void-lackey got her own lab before they did. She didn't give them too much mind - they were delivery Kats. They'd come, disrupt her workflow, and then leave. It was Needles, the leader of the Judicators, who gave her the lab and gave her free reign over her own experiments. He found her way of doing things to be amusing, the way she didn't need help to learn the things she knew, and how she could create concoctions that even his most seasoned Judicators still struggled with.

"Create what you will, for whatever purpose you will. We can use the results to help those fighting the Shades, or we can use it on other... pursuits." He'd said that first day she'd been given her lab. "All I ask is that you share your findings with the District, and allow them to use your mixtures in their own experiments if they ask."

Since then, she's been a delighted member of the Judicators. A Judicator with her own lab, her own focus, and no oversight.

The long hours in the lab became only slightly suffocating after a few months. It caused her to leave the District to find "inspiration", and she ended up coming across a Voidling that became a companion for her. The small creature had an intellect to match her own, and they worked so well together that she counted the Voidling as a lab-assistant.

She has in her possession a great number of chemicals and magic-infused waters, which she wears on her body, or keeps in a personal pocket-realm that she can access at any time. These sealed flasks and tubes hold chemicals and magics that are capable of anything. They give her limited access to unlimited potential, to the use of all elemental magics, and sorcery. But she's dependant on the items. Without them, she doesn't have access to that power.

As a Judicator she has an Unreadable Mind, as secrets of the Judicators are protected by magic. Outsiders can't gleam information on the Teczra District from her mind, or find out what she's working on.

Nickname: "Sunny"
Species: Unknown
Gender Female
Notes: A fully-sentient serpent-beast that was once covered in golden scales and vibrantly coloured feathers. She got too close to the Heart of the Void, and her physical form was changed as the Void took hold of her. She's now a Voidling, a creature that's been altered and claimed by the Void and cannot go back to being what she was before. Which is alright by her. What she was before was... limiting. As a Voidling she's found her intelligence has grown exponentially, and she's even gained a loyal assistant that engages in alchemical experiments with her. Together they've discovered many useful chemical combinations, and magic-infused waters, that otherwise would've been unattainable by her alone.