Name: Moestitia
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Water Breathing (Amulet Power)
Mate: Yenwenlen
Reef: Two Tides
Notes: A calm Raveeness, she is not unlike the calm waters of the sea; gently being pushed about by the currents of life. Even when her previous home had it's portals closed off and she found herself in a world that'd been altered by a great time lapse, she didn't give into the sudden feeling of being left behind or forgotten by time itself. For her it was simply just another change in the tide. Something to accept and move along with.

Surf: Creates a huge tidal wave which can crush bones.
Sink: Turns the ground beneath the target into water.
Water: The user can turn itself or another into water.
Water Paw: The user's paws turn water. The water is actually acid and can burn through even metal.
Current: Can call forth a tsunami to blast the target away.
Phase: Can walk through anything by turning itself into water. The water is acid, will burn anything it touches.