Name: Morituuri
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Moon/Tide Corrupt)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Mekoides x Ririkuu Mendala
Birth Pride: Hollow Way
Siblings: Autox'et, Ahnuu, Lenka
Mate: Sulaco
Pride: Wicked Hearts
Powers: Mage-reading, Perfect Nightvision, Unlimited Telekinesis, Teleportation, Psychic Immunity (including thralls/illusions), Hydrokinesis.
Notes: Born a Demon Corrupt like his Mother, his golden eyes with their red-hue glow mark him as one who carries the corrupted soul of an aggressor demon inside. His dark powers have not fully manifested, as he has not undergone an awakening yet. However, when he's wounded his blood will pulsate with a vile black aura that almost seems to - momentarily - take on the shape of claws before the aura turns to smoke and vanishes.

Due to his true nature being that of a Demon, he is weak against purifying/spiritual powers, and should avoid exposure to them. Korathu Essence (spirit essence) can cause double the damage to him as well, so it's best to avoid encountering it.