Name: Nuurori
Gender: Male
Element: Mix (Christmas/Wind)
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Nyuutai x Mirage
Birth Pride: A Guardian's Tide
Mate: Dekla
Pride: Hearth Keepers
Powers: Wingless Flight (Wind Current Wings), Peaceful Aura 
Notes: Born with wings made of the essence of wind, he's always been able to fly without having corporeal wings. The wind currents sometimes visible on his back shift and move like wings, and while at times they may seem touchable the tendrils of wind always phase right through any touch. His Mother, Mirage, was wearing her Amulet during her pregnancy with him so he was granted the gift of a Peaceful Aura. This Aura works to inspire others to find peaceful resolution to problems, and to pick a nonviolent approach to issues. It is strong enough to affect those without any protection against psychic/auric influence, while it may only minorly affect those with a Mage-Reading or higher level of telepathic attunement.