Name: Okra
Gender: Female
Element: Explosive
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Powers: Soul-reading, Perfect Nightivision, Explosive Creation/Control, Volatile Touch, Energy Siphon.
Notes: She is a Whisper of Rekura, and was born under the Eclipse. Taken to a world different from the one she was born in, she grew up surrounded by other WoRs.

Her Elemental Mutation is visible in the orange glow that surrounds her body, and the colourful sparks that flow off her body she moves. Her paw-pads are like flint, creating a trail of sparks and embers with every step. Even when she's perfectly still, the brush of the wind can cause a colourful shower of sparks to spring off her fur. Though colourful, they're not often harmful unless she intends them to be. Striking out with claws can cause an explosive reaction in the fur of others, as the cuts will explode violently.

She can create and control explosive energies in the world around her. She can create small, usually harmless, explosions - or large and very deadly ones.

Having grown up on Arkuras, they were given a Sensor to act as a companion and guide during their stay. Each Sensor is bonded to only one individual, so it will only respond or interact with it's bonded. While it can talk, Sensors are not really alive. They have the illusion of personality, but aren't capable of making their own decisions. They have a mission, and they follow it to completion. In the case of the WoRs, they were tasked with watching over them and helping them to survive. Sensors are invulnerable to outside harm - meaning, only their bonded can hurt them.

In order to survive a world that didn't have food, each WoR was fitted with a Siphon. An amulet placed on the back of the shoulders/spine, with a trail of visible energy. It worked by absorbing nearby energies and infusing the WoR with them. They'll never need to eat or drink, as long as they're around living things or places of power (like The Towers were). Eating food would have no benefit, and might lead the WoR to feeling sick.

Siphons should not be removed. They're attached to the spine's nervous system, so removing them would paralyze and potentially kill a WoR.

History: Okra was a very energetic cub. Often, perhaps, too energetic for her own good. She'd run around the sands of Arkuras, sending up sparks of fireworks and controlled explosions as she went. She used to put on light shows for the Sensors working on the Towers, often feeling a misguided need to entertain the little robots. It was when she was a cub that she created an explosion too big, too wide, that the darkness of the world came rushing in.

Thinking she was alone, Okra had been practising her arts. Creating showers of sparks and explosions, she tried to see how far up she could send them, and how wide they could stretched across the sky. Kept pushing herself to make them bigger, and bigger. It was beautiful, the colours sparking across the sky, but then -- a scream, a shudder, and the sparks fell to the desert and exploded in a flurry of sand and glass.

The force of it had been enough to push her back, nearly knocking her unconscious. Afraid of what she would see, she ran towards the source of that scream.

Luuntao intercepted her. "It's not your fault," he had said, turning her away from the glassy crater where she could almost make out - "it's not your fault," he repeated more harshly, leading her back and away from Larch's dead body.

Shaken from her naive love of creating light shows, Okra punished herself by never again creating lights in the sky. She would never hurt another innocent with her lights.

Though it took a great deal of time, Okra eventually grew to accept that Larch's death had been an accident. That she hadn't intended for the sparks and explosions to fall into the sands, or to land upon him directly. She still carries the guilt with her, but no longer views herself as a monster.

IriKan Info
Morality: Pure
Notes: The Siphon prevents the IriKan from being able to take physical form. It exists as a presence in the WoR's mind/soul, and can communicate freely with their bonded WoR. They can, at times of great peril or when emotions are running high, temporarily possess the Sensor that is bonded to their WoR - allowing for them to interact with the world and speak to others outside their bondmate.