Name: Onorilon
Gender: Female
Element: Chime
Dimension: Inner
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Niennuu
Powers: Soul-reading, Prosperity Aura, Teleporation (disappears with the sound of chimes, reappears with a different tone of chimes), Healing Song, Inspiring Voice, Lullaby, Immune to cold/ice.
Notes: As a Chime Kat she's naturally gifted in the arts of music. Not only can she sing very well, but her songs are infused with magic that can affect those around her. Her Healing Song can fully heal someone of all physical wounds and ailments (provided they're alive to hear the tune). She can inspire and rally those around her with her Inspiring Voice, chasing away their fear and doubts. Or she can put them to sleep instantly with her Lullaby. The only immunity to her songs is to not listen - those who can't hear her words are immune to their effects.

Her tail ends in a fan of golden chimes that are release a chime of music with every movement; the sounds they emit seem to shift and depend on her mood. The music itself is momentarily visible as glowing notes that dissipate into the air as the sounds fade away.